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Our convenient collateral loan process is faster, more discreet, and completely confidential.

Pawn Shop Services in Salt Lake City, UT | Crown Jewelers & Pawn

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You have come to the right place! Crown Jewelers & Pawn offers all of the services below, paired with exceptional knowledge and customer service. To find out more about any of our services, please feel free to Contact Us or visit us today! We are always ready to assist you.

As part of our ongoing effort to be the leader in the Salt Lake City, UT pawn industry, we are committed to be the best place for all your money needs.


A pawn is a short term loan using a personal possession as collateral for the loan. We are your alternative to banking because you cannot go to the bank and use a personal possession as collateral for a loan. But that is exactly what we do. If you find yourself short of cash because of school expenses, car problems, appliances breaking or you want to take a vacation and find you have no money for a vacation? We can help!


Do you have items you donít use anymore? Is your closet or garage full of stuff that is just collecting dust? Do you have old jewelry that you really donít use anymore? Well why not just sell it and make some extra cash!


Whatever item you want, we either have one in stock, had one in stock, or are going to get one in stock soon. Browsing in our stores and looking through our ever-changing selection of merchandise is like being on a treasure hunt.

Whether you need instant cash for bills, or it is just a rough month, Crown Jewelers & Pawn is here to help. Come visit our pawn shop in Salt Lake City, UT and see for yourself. We will offer you a hassle free loan with unbelievable customer service, and you will walk out with cash in your hands.

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